Top 10 No-Fuss Desserts for the Weekend

Apple Walnut Muffin

No-fuss desserts

You know that feeling of wanting something nice but not wanting to put in the effort to do much about it. The fact that you already managed to get off the couch and are standing in your kitchen should count for something. And then you shouldn’t have to deal with complicated instructions or too many steps before you can eat. With that in mind I created todays’ list of no-fuss desserts. Easy to make and absolutely no fuss.


 1. Vanilla Cookies

Vanilla cookies

Let’s start off with vanilla cookies. It’s your classic vanilla cookie, with zero fuss insight. Easy to share. You can decide to dip in chocolate. But you will need to take a few extra steps for that. But at least you are in control. You can keep it basic or you can add to it. That’s the beauty of a classic vanilla cookie.


 2. Date Balls

Date Balls

Yes, date balls. Sweetened with medjool dates and flavored with cacao powder. You know what that gets you? Chocolate balls! Nobody ever complains about anything chocolate. All you need is your trusty food processor to do the mixing for you and shape them into nice little bitesize balls. And ready to enjoy.


 3. Baked Plums with Walnut and Honey

Baked Plums with Walnut and Honey

You want no fuss we give you no fuss. All you have to do is slice the plums in half and fill it with a walnut mixture. And in the oven it goes. I mean simple noh… These baked plums might not be a looker but definitely delicious.


 4. Chocolate Bites with Freeze Dried Fruits

Chocolate Bites

These chocolate bites you can probably even make beforehand and keep for moments of need. You just have to make sure to store them far away so that they can last longer and actually be helpful in these moments. Just reach towards the back of your fridge and there they are.


 5. Sheet Cake with Raspberry Swirl

Olive Oil Sheet Cake with Raspberry Swirl

Why not make a sheet cake? And to spice it up you add the raspberry swirl. Which is easier to do than you think. Because a swirl is a swirl and you can do whatever you want with it. It’s like art. There’s no right or wrong way of doing it.


 6. ‘Arroz’ con Leche

Arroz con leche

The ‘arroz’ or rice texture is derived from cassava. Giving you a perfect substitute for this rice pudding. And you can make your life easier by buying peeled and chopped version. One last step you need to do. And everything is done in under 25 minutes. Meaning that after 25 minutes you can already enjoy the fruits of your labor.


 7. Crispy Paleo Berry Crumble

Paleo Crispy Berry Crumble

The berry crumble is by far one of my favorites and yes, it’s still no fuss. You just mix everything together and from that point on it’s just a waiting game. It’s in the oven for 35 minutes but you also have to give it a little bit of time to cool down before you dig in. Just so you don’t burn your tongue you know. Patience you must have my young Padawan.


 8. Apple and Walnut Muffin

Apple Walnut Muffin

Simply had to have a muffin on the list. There is no frosting involved. So, you only need to make the batter and place in the oven before you can enjoy. Apple and walnut muffin make the perfect autumn combination. Looking for something fresher? You can try the raspberry chocolate muffin.


 9. Orange Cake with Chocolate Swirl

Orange cake with chocolate

Another swirl you might say. But swirls are easy you will see. It’s like trying to mix 2 different batters together, but halfway you are like naaah I’m done mixing. And just leave it as is. There you go you created an orange cake with chocolate swirl. Don’t worry the decoration is optional.


 10. Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate Brownie

I don’t want to say I saved the best for last. But CHOCOLATE BROWNIE! It’s oh so chocolatey and incredibly soft and fudgy. And has no flour at all. Yup no flour. It does require quite a bit of nut butter. If you are not feeling the nut butter you can try my double chocolate hazelnut brownie. Less nut butter a little bit more effort. Your call at this point.