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Where It All Started

Our Story

I guess you can say it all started 8 years ago during Christmas of 2012 when we hosted our Christmas dinner together. We started prepping months in advance to plan the menu and divide the tasks. We thought of everything. Suffice it to say it was a great success and to this day Andrea calls it her best Christmas ever.

Ever since, we continued exchanging and sharing recipes with each other. This only increased when we both started delving into the paleo diet.

The immediate reaction of other people is that they find this very limiting and feel they are not allowed to eat anything. Our tactic up and until now was to invite people over for dinner and let them taste first-hand. We would let them taste our delicious and yummy food we make at home while still adhering to the paleo/gluten-free/lactose-free lifestyle. We always got a positive reaction and we started sharing our recipes with our guests so that they can also make healthy yummy food at home.

There’s only so many people you can have over for dinner, so this idea started to brew that we should find a different way to reach more people and share our recipes with them. That’s how HealthYummyFood was born.

Our sole purpose is to help guide you through the different challenges you might encounter when making a lifestyle change towards healthier eating habits. We will be here creating and sharing our kitchen adventures and misadventures with you in the hope that you will learn from our mistakes and enjoy HealthYummyFood.

Andrea & Kyara

Real Food

One of the first things we wanted to commit to is to make real food. We won’t use props that are not edible just to make the picture look better. Sometimes you find recipes and the picture looks amazing but no matter how hard you try your food won’t look like the picture in the recipe. That’s because the food is only prepped for the photoshoot but not really cooked the way the recipe states. So we promise to keep it real.

Small test Kitchens

All the recipes are made in our small kitchens. When you need certain appliances, we will state that clearly and also try to give alternatives where possible so that everyone is able to make HealthYummy Food. These are our own recipes that we have tested out several times to make sure we present you with the best instructions.

Mixing Cuisines

Throughout the years we have discovered that our different backgrounds (Hungarian & Caribbean) have quite a few similarities when it comes to food. So we use these as building ground for the delicious food we make and are also influenced by other cuisines. You will find a lot of different flavors on this blog, because we genuinely try to embrace all cultures and their food.

Meet The Team

Meet the team behind all the HealthYummy content

Andrea Kalvach

Andrea Kalvach


When I moved out of my parents’ home, I still cooked mostly Hungarian dishes. Later when we had the chance to travel to a lot to different countries, I got to know other cuisines. I would regularly end-up in the kitchen, if the chef allowed it of course, to get more insight into the delicious meal I just had. Some chefs were very kind and happily shared their recipes with me. Based on these experiences I’ve learnt a lot and now take inspiration from a variety of international cuisines.

In 2012 after our son was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease ulcerative colitis, we went through a major…
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Kyara Wanga

Kyara Wanga


I taught myself to cook by paying attention to the people around me and by watching a lot of Food Network. Recreating dishes from tv can be quite difficult as you sometimes have no idea what they’re supposed to taste like but this only worked to my advantage as I trained my taste buds and continued practicing.

Around 2012 I started dabbling in Paleo, I wasn’t fully committed yet and would collect…
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