Food Photography

1 Aug, 2020

We are very happy that you are interested in our recipes, we made more than 100 recipes since our first posts back in March. We share them with you with great pleasure, we enjoy every step from web design, shopping at the market, cooking and baking, serving, setting up photo shoots till we get to the table and eat the last bite.

I thought it’s a good time to share our views on food photography with you, which we are following during the making of our blog. The biggest challenge is the presentation of our meals to show you exactly what you can count on if you follow the instructions. (Follow instructions! We will talk about it next time.)

We both love to take pictures, and much earlier, before we decided to launch our own website, I took various photo courses. One of courses was a food photography course. It was very interesting, informative, and I learned some tricks that are used to make better photographs. Do not think it was just about lights and composition! They also talked about gluing food, using artificial non-edible coloring and most of the time presenting raw or half cooked food, all in the name of a beautiful picture. These set unrealistic expectations and was when I realized why our Christmas turkey does not look like the turkey in the famous cooking magazine. I was disappointed and felt cheated, but after realizing that was not my fault and my turkey was beautiful, real, and delicious I was very happy.

Good food photography is an art and people get paid good money to take professional pictures. It’s something I’m interested in and definitely have some favorite photographers that I follow and try learn from.

The big issue is to find the right balance between art and reality on a food blog, where we need to draw attention with attractive images but keep it realistic. We use additional decoration to set the tone, with for example different tableware and tablecloth, we pay attention to the light, angles and pay attention to several other things. At the end of the day we want to present something to you that looks nice but that you could replicate. That is the main reason we don’t use anything fake. We are also just home cooks and we want you to know what you can expect. These are the food we make in our own kitchen, for our family and friends and as soon as we are done making pictures we rush to the table to eat and enjoy it.

We are constantly learning and developing with each day, and we hope that our pictures will only get better with time. Come with us on this journey and when you need any help, if you have questions, do not hesitate, ask us in the comments or send us an email.