7 of the Best Food Documentaries on Netflix Now

19 Mar, 2020

During these trying times I figured I would offer some guidance when it comes to in my opinion best food docu series on Netflix to watch. These are in my personal opinion the most entertaining, inspiring, beautiful and educational. These are not necessarily approved on the healthy aspect, but you can definitely get inspired by a ton of them, learn new techniques in the kitchen and see what motivates different chefs to continue innovating or go back in time and discover techniques from our ancestors.

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  1. Salt Fat Acid Head

Get down to basics with Salt Fat Acid Heat. This four-part series highlights each element per episode. When it comes to teaching these basics, Samin Nosrat is the perfect teacher as she also wrote a book with the same title. At the end of the day, understanding and mastering these 4 basic elements will get you far along in the kitchen in balancing flavors.

2. Todo Sobre el Asado

Sorry this is not for the vegans out there. Full 90 minutes on Argentinians obsession with ‘El Asado’ or how we know it, the bbq. This hilarious documentary is narrated by El Negro Álvarez, an Argentinian comedian who fills the screen with sarcasm at each turn. I just hope this translates well in the subtitles because the commentary is basically what makes this epic. The documentary zooms in on Argentina’s customs, culture and cuisine through ‘El Asado’.

3. Taco Chronicles

From Argentina we fly to Mexico to discover the history behind 6 different tacos. This beautiful ode to Mexico is everything you will ever need in life to fall in love with tacos. From tacos canasta to pastor and the importance of salsa, at the end you will know all these names and have serious cravings. Don’t worry we are already working on a taco recipe, so patience it’s coming.

4. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

David Chang travels to different destinations with his celebrity ‘friends’ as they discover the culture and cuisines and also how food relates to them on a personal level. First episode starts off with Seth Rogen, who of course starts the day with smoking a joint and moving on to food in Vancouver. If that’s not really your jam just skip ahead to the second episode where Chang meets Chrissy Teigen in Marrakech. Yes, Yes, Yes!

5. Ugly Delicious

Here we go again with David Chang, the man keeps busy; 10 restaurants of which one with a two Michelin stars ever since 2009 (Momofuku Ko), 2 shows on Netflix, a podcast and he also wrote a cookbook (Momofuku). If you want to know more about his origin story I definitely recommend watching The Mind of a Chef season 1, episode 1 with David Chang. But back to Ugly Delicious, another great combination of travel, cooking and the development of specific dishes through history. Each episode focuses on a different dish and how they tell us a story through time. Season 2 just dropped at the beginning of March, which I have yet to watch.

6. The Chef Show

When this came out I devoured it in one sitting and immediately went back to re-watch Chef, the movie where this collaboration between Jon Favreau and Roy Choi got started. It was one of those weekends where I just vegetated on the couch and watched anything related to food (I followed it up with Ratatouille and Eat, Pray, Love in case you were interested). Throughout the first volume you can see Jon and Roy trying to figure out the format and what exactly they are doing, but simply sticking to the teacher apprentice role while hanging out in kitchens with chefs and other celebrities is just so much fun to watch. They breakdown the dishes for you in such a way and if you’re feeling adventures you can pause the screen when they throw all the ingredients up on screen and get to cooking.

7. Chef’s Table

Last but definitely not least, one of the most beautiful shows on Netflix, each episode focusing on a different chef and their award-winning restaurants. If you haven’t seen any of them yet I would say it’s definitely worth your time to watch all of them. Not sure where to start? I’ll get you going with my two favorites:

  • Francis Mallmann, an Argentinian chef living completely secluded in Patagonia, showcases everything in outdoor cooking and a completely different way of living than what I am used to. Also, he’s just giving me Ralph Lauren Fashion vibes with those ponchos.
  • Nancy Silverton, I simply find her inspiring. Her love and dedication is so infectious, that I feel I can connect with her even though I don’t eat bread/gluten. It’s more than just about bread. It’s taking something so simple and decide to dedicate yourself on perfecting that one skill.

I’m super curious what you end up watching, leave us a comment below and remember to sign up for our newsletter.