Paleo Bounty Coconut Bar

Paleo Bounty Coconut Bar

Bounty Coconut Bar

I love this paleo bounty coconut bar recipe, but I have to be honest that this is not my recipe. I found a version of this recipe a couple of years ago on a paleo food blog called ‘Trolls in my Kitchen’. Unfortunately, that blog is no longer active and can’t be found anymore. Throughout the years I’ve seen this dessert pop up quite a few times on other blogs. But for the most part I followed the original recipe from Trolls in the Kitchen with some minor modifications. The original Bounty chocolate bar is one of the most popular coconut bar in the world. And of course, I was very happy when I saw this recipe. I instantly knew I found the healthy version of it.


Medjool Date Base

Because of the sweetness of the dates, it’s not necessary to add any sugar into the basic mixture. Dates are a concentrated source of natural sugars. And personally, I think medjool dates are the best option. They are slightly larger, darker, fresh and have stronger tones of caramel than other dates. Medjool dates are a great sweetener for smoothies, sauces or even dressings. I’ve already made sweet date balls and a savory version with bacon chicken date rolls.

While I’m a big proponent for using medjool dates it’s still possible to substitute with other dates. The only thing is that you will need to soak them in water for at least 4 hours. Simply to get that soft and creamy consistency you get with the medjool dates. It’s even possible to substitute the date with prunes if you’re not a fan of dates. This will have an effect on the taste but it’s also an option.



Wrap individual bars up as perfect little bite on the go or as a gift.


All We Need is Coconut

There are so many uses for coconut. In this recipe alone I used its milk, oil and meat. But coconut also gives you water, flour, sugar, vinegar and coconut aminos. And of course, coconut has many health benefits besides being highly nutritious. It can have an impact on your heat health, may help to improve your blood sugar levels. And contains powerful antioxidants that helps protect cells from oxidative damage. All in all, we like coconut and all it has to offer.


Perfect On The Go:

Paleo Bounty Coconut Bar

Servings: 20
Author: Andrea


Cocoa Base

  • 250 gram Medjool date pitted
  • 50 gram blanched almond flour
  • 50 gram coconut flour
  • 3 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 50 ml lukewarm water if necessary

Coconut Layer

  • 400 ml coconut milk
  • 150 gram coconut rasp
  • 1 tsp konjac flour
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • 50 gram coconut oil
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 2 tbsp water
  • 1 tbsp gelatin

Chocolate Top

  • 100 gram 85% chocolate
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil


  • Line a 20 cm x 20 cm x 8 cm square cake tin with parchment paper.
  • Put pitted Medjool dates, almond flour, coconut flour, cacao powder into food processor and pulse for 5 minutes until its creamy. (If you use other, a bit drier variety of date, add 50 ml lukewarm water too, or soak other dried dates in water for at least 4 hours before use.)
  • Put the mixture into the lined tin. Smooth evenly by wet hand then put into the fridge.
  • Mix the coconut milk with konjac flour and cook on low heat for 6-8 minutes, until it’s thickened.
  • Add honey, vanilla, coconut oil and coconut rasp and stir it well.
  • Put 1 tbsp gelatin into 2 tbsp cold water in a small bowl, mix them quickly then add immediately to the coconut mixture. Stir it very well.
  • Pour the coconut mixture to the date base and put back to the fridge for 30-40 minutes.
  • Melt the chocolate with 1 tbsp coconut oil above steam (Bain Marie).
  • Pour the melted chocolate to the top of the coconut mixture, then cover and put it back to the fridge for 4 hours, but it’s better for overnight. Slice with a very sharp knife before serving. Enjoy!