10 Desserts for Holiday Feast

1 Apr, 2021
Apple Walnut Muffin

Spring Holidays

Spring is the season of the great religious holidays. Jewish Pesach (Passover) began at the end of March, this is followed by Christian Easter at the beginning of April, and the longest holiday, the Islamic Ramadan closes the line of the holidays in May. Shorter or longer fasts and family meals after the fast are important parts of these holidays. I recommend these absolutely delicious gluten and lactose free desserts for your festive table. Enjoy!


 1. The Best Gluten Free Carrot Cake Ever

The Best Gluten Free Carrot Cake Ever

I can’t be modest when I’m talking about my carrot cake. It’s very nice and moist inside. Cinnamon and a dash of nutmeg are the defining flavors in it. Many people who follow a gluten free diet use gluten free flour mix for baking. Unfortunately, most of the flour mixes contain corn and rice flour. I do not use these flours. Almond flour’s flavor and texture are perfect for this gluten free cake. The other big advantage, almond flour is low in carbs and fits perfectly into the keto diet. I do not use refined sugar, I only use honey.


 2. Lactose Free Mascarpone and Fig Filled Pastry

Mascarpone and Fig Filled Pastry

Figs have a history, they play an important role in religions, mythology and art. Figs were mentioned in the Quran, and Adam and Eve clad themselves with fig leaves. This biblical quote “each man under his own vine and fig tree” has been used to denote peace and prosperity. Figs often appear in art as well.


 3. Lemon Curd in Almond Crust Baskets

Baked Plums with Walnut and Honey

Commercially manufactured curds often contain additional preservatives and thickener, which I never use in my lemon curd. It’s very easy and fast to make it and it is healthy, with no unwanted stuff in it.


 4. Women’s Whim – Traditional Hungarian Cake

Chocolate Bites

Women’s Whim is a traditional Hungarian cake. I learned it from my grandmother, she made it many times. It was the part of Sunday’s lunch. These days it has become a bit of a forgotten cake with no reasons. It is pretty and very delicious. My version is a great option for people with gluten intolerance or allergy to enjoy this really nice cake.


 5. Paleo Plum Cake

Paleo Plum Cake

For this recipe I used Victoria plum, but any plum you can still get your hands on is good! Totu is one of main ingredients for the plum filling in this cake. No, it’s not a typo and its definitely not tofu. Totu is a cottage cheese substitute made from egg whites.


 6. Grapes Cake with Marsala

Grapes Cake with Marsala

In this creation, grapes are floating between a lactose free mascarpone cream held together by a light and fluffy almond cake topped with some gelatin marsala and more grapes. I must admit it looks heavenly. Did you know that grapes are technically berries? I have never thought of them as berries.


 7. Paleo Lemon Cake

Paleo Crispy Berry Crumble

This lemon sponge cake is made from eggs, coconut flour, honey and lemon juice and I added extra flavor with my homemade lemon curd filling and chocolate topping. You can also fill this cake with chocolate cream or any jam, that you have at home, but I highly recommend you to try it with my home made lemon curd, you will not regret it.


 8. Carrot Cheesecake Fusion

carrot- cheesecake fusion

If you have a food processor at hand, definitely make use of it to make your life easier, but if you don’t, you can still accomplish everything with a little choppity chop and it happens to be very therapeutic.


 9. Orange Cake with Chocolate Swirl

Orange cake with chocolate

This cake is decorated with orange color glaze, but it’s also possible to cover with chocolate and it will still be very nice if you serve it without any decoration.


 10. Coconut Lime Cake

Coconut lime cake

There’s been an excessive amount of baking going on this week all in the name of Easter and it’s finally here. You can make them into cute little cupcakes also with the individual frosting on top. The coconut cream frosting is super light and refreshing.